Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Inhale in. 

Exhale out.

All is well.

In the present moment, I feel incredibly peaceful and balanced than ever before. And why? It's because of the beautiful and enriching meditations I have been doing lately that have assisted my mind, body and soul in reconnecting with each other. It's such a wonderful feeling, you know. Being able to think clearly, without having those butterflies or that anxiety bursting out of nowhere, reminding you of all the to-do's and deadlines. I am forever grateful, that I had the courage to take the step towards healing myself from the damages the past year has brought me. Yet, I will never forgo the number of lessons the past year has taught me as well which has enriched me with valueable knowledge that has aided in my personal development; in my personal and spiritual growth. 

Today's lesson

In a state of unbalance and sadness, I will take responsibility and respond to such phenomenons by focusing on myself and letting meditations be my medicine.

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