Do you believe in angels?

Monday, June 19, 2017

"Cancer, the month of June is a month of personal growth and change for you. Times might be tough so you will have to look inward for guidance. The three cards that came up for you are; Five of cups, a card of disappointment,  Eight of Wands, a card of change, and Strength, a card of emotional mastery. You have received some disappointing news, or perhaps you are just perceiving it to be disappointing. There is a change in your life coming on, and it might shift the direction of your entire course.You might feel like what is happening is bad, or wrong, but don’t worry, this is happening for a reason. You are really going to hone in  on your inner strength. There is much more courage with in you than you ever thought. Take this time to really embody the strong, capable warrior inside of you."

Monthly horoscope and carrot reading taken from

For the past year, I have experienced a heck of a ton of things. When I mean tons, I mean tons. But don't get me wrong; the majority of the changes I have been forced to endure has usually resulted in positive outcomes where I have been given the opportunity to grow spiritually. Discovering myself, ultimately. However, despite the numerous amounts of (mild) rocks that has been thrown on my way, I still have not applied the lessons I've learnt. Still I am walking on the highway, even though I know that I should have taken the exit a long time ago. 

There is a job I want so badly. A job that conspires my passion to write, speak and belong and inspiring people to live a healthier life. However, this job is not as flashy as being a lawyer which I am currently aiming for. Why, you may ask? I don't know. It is odd, you know, to be so sure with your life when in reality you don't even have a single clue of where the road of life is actually leading you. Where it is taking you. Yet, here I am, writing for you and declaring my decision of wanting to become a lawyer when in reality I have a very small idea of what the job actually implies. Ironic, I know, but very disturbing at the same time. 

Then there are all the messages. The music. And the quotes. Te blogs, the videos and the radio. Everything is telling me the same thing; follow your dreams. And when the quote above just happened to appear on one of my favourite blogs, I could not help but write here. Because I have ad kind of enough, whilst I am still craving such motivation to give up my enrolled dreams of studying law and, instead, follow my dreams of becoming a dietitian. An influential dietitian, whose purpose on this earth is to educate people how they can live more healthy and thrive. In addition, I want to write books and be on TedxTalks to have a chance to reach out to people. Yet here I am, waiting for the University to announce who are in and who are out of the law department. 

Do you believe in angels? I heard about them a very long time ago by a "Angel-reader" or something. They were telling people about the fact that everyone had guardian angels, protecting them and guding them in life. In particular, I remember that person telling people that angels also has the ability to guide you by the usage of signs, including music or certain quotes that randomly appears on the radio that oddly, but perfectly suits your position in life. As previously mentioned above, I have encountered these messages a number of times in all possible scenarios. Spooky, but yet I am marveled by the strength and presence of the Universe and God,

Dear guardian angel. I am deeply grateful for your presence and guidance, however I am scared as kbefwkjj to follow your guidance. What if I'll end up unhappy? What if I'll be poor, economically speaking? I know, stupid reasons for being scared, but we can't ignore the fact that having a stable economy these days is essential, especially for me who has been picturing her future like a dream. Maybe I am way to off from reality, I don't know. But one thing is clear; following your dreams is so scary. Considering the risks and the great losses you have to be prepared to endure. But, I also have to think about the benefits as well. Who knows, maybe my guardian angel is simply showing me the way to heaven. To the place of infinity, happiness, and wealth (in all possible aspects).

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