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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

One of the most beautiful creatures that will ever live on this Earth
Canon 600d + Canon EF 50/1.8 STM objective some Mac editing (as always)
© mwmelissas

Hello beautiful readers. How are you? 

After having binge watched GOT and some awesome YouTube channels like Sara K and Jen Brett, I am doing just fine. Finer than I have ever been, actually. I have come to realize that life is one heck of a journey that requires patience, compassion and love, of course, as this life is too short to make any embarrassing mistakes which almost always ends up hurting other people. Live as much in the present as possible, but don't forget to keep in mind of the future as well. Because, as mentioned before, life's to short to be too concerned with the future, as you in the end may actually end up loosing your entire life.

Sorry for the rant, but I guess that those words needed to be pulled off of my chest. Even though it is summer which commonly means time for resting and re-charging for the bloody rainy autumn, I have made some quite big changes for myself. I have almost fully recovered from my eating disorder, even though the dysmorphic thoughts about my body is still present. I finally received my admission letter from the University, announcing that I will be studying Law for the upcoming 4,5 years. Oh, and I am also currently focusing on my drivers license as well, cuz this girl is going to make the roads unstable when she gets her drivers license this winter, or early autumn I hope. Haha, winter's comping folks! (*reference to the GOT)

Yeah, I guess this is pretty much it guys. I will take my blogging a bit more seriously and not overthink it, I guess. Recently I have been really thinking about the theme of this blog but I have continuously failed to come to a solid conclusion. Should I focus more on photography, or turn this blog entirely to a food-blog? Or should it focus more on fashion in particular? I assume that a personal blog is the answer to my confusion right now, where I will be sharing a bit of everything. Does it sound good? 

Untill next time x

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